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Real Women Don't Bitch

Dec 28, 2017

WARNING: PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! Do not enter unless you are ready! Between Chandra and myself we are calling out all the BS people think in entrepreneurship.

Do enter if you want to hear two women who will not compromise their dreams. It is a grind, but one WE love. The journey is rigorous but worth it!

Chandra Brooks is a beast! Nothing can stop her. She was struck with one of the most challenging circumstances in her life and did not fold. Learn how she holds it together. Discover how she has built a Killer Business through it all because there is always something to work through.

[2:20] Welcome Chandra Brooks
[3:11] You can’t be on this show if you don’t walk the walk
[3:41] Auguste turned someone down for the Podcast because they are inconsistent
[4:08] Chandra talks about building the business and taking care of a bunch of other responsibilities
[6:00] Who is Chandra Brooks
[8:09] The demanding job she held while building her business and being a wife and mother
[9:15] What made her wait until she was 40 to change
[10:00] The myth about being 100% GREAT
[13:20] Why she got a coach in the beginning and what it did for her business
[15:39] When we meet, the power of Chandra Brooks even in a ballcap :-0
[16:55] The secret behind her ability to jump and seize opportunities
[19:02] Her business grew, and it didn’t have shit to do with her website
[20:57] Everyday a woman says, I am not making money in my business
[21:30] The fake entrepreneurs living off their spouse, OH MY
[23:13] Women who want to start a business and can’t live up to their brand, hypocrites
[25:00] How many hours a day does Auguste work, OH SHIT
[28:28] Stay ahead of your tribe, keep that coaching up
[30:11] If you can’t make the sacrifice you are not ready for entrepreneurship
[31:10] The luxuries that were sacrificed to build a business
[33:30] What is a windfall client and false income goals
[36:00] What it looks like to have everything in position
[37:45] People are still sleeping on the online world, get in ladies