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Real Women Don't Bitch

Nov 28, 2017

She is a powerful woman, a mother, a successful business owner, a veteran and so much more.

She is on top of her game, and nothing is going to stop her. When you see her, you might think she has it all together, and everything is working for her.

Wait until you hear her story. I couldn’t have imagined the challenges she is facing.  Her countenance never shows it.

Her story will remind you beautiful; you are more powerful than you think. Mompreneur, Solopreneur whatever title you have, you can do this!

I value my listeners; my goal and passion are to ensure you leave every episode refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to move into action with the tips and expert strategies given. Hit play and “Let’s Have a Girlfriend Moment!”

[2:00] Auguste breaks down the love and respect she has for her guest speaker

[4:10] Veronica James is a business owner and has been for four years, and her business is booming. She is taking her son with her and her fans.

[5:29] She makes body butter from scratch, and recently launched a vegan version. Her production is precise and handled with care. She has a lot of support from family! And she is about to expand.

[7:10] Auguste offers insight on product creation.

[7:45] Her husband loves the body butter! It is addictive.

[9:25] Vee Wisdom may have a lot of support but building a business has been no crystal stair.

[10:08] Vee’s most significant obstacles when she started her business. One of them was GROWING TOO FAST! Family helped, but the help was not enough.

[13:35] Friend and family may help in the beginning, but what will that expectation look like later.

[15:40] She is a veteran, and unfortunately, she has a challenge she can’t shake.

[16:11] Vee talks about PTSD, back pain, and other physical issues. Her spirit and everything changed when she came back from Iraq. Plus, she ended up being a mom and had to push through these challenges.

[19:00] How the issues in the black community prevented her from getting help.

[22:42] Vee shares her lowest moment.  

[24:48] How her pain made her a better business owner.

[27:10] Vee shares the tools that help keep her focused.

[29:44] The most powerful words of wisdom she shared with her son.

[31:41] The secret to having a powerful circle and keeping it that way through the ups and downs.

[33:44] Entrepreneurship requires an online presence, and she is cautious about who she connects with there too.

[36:25] Entrepreneurs are often outcast because they are different, and this has a major impact on their perception of sound relationships

[38:00] INNER-G - How nothing she is feeling affects any part of her life. You will never notice her pain by her life, her presence, her child, her business; she has tapped into her inner strength.

[39:40] How she gets past the no’s!

[44:10 Where to find Vee and get that butter!

Head over to and connect with VEE!