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Real Women Don't Bitch

Jan 29, 2021

Anitra Lane is the founder of the Unmasked Warrior Project and the Virtual Business Manager @Ackiss Virtual Management, LLC.  She is a “Thriver” of Military Sexual Trauma, who after dedicating 25+ to serving her country decided it was time to retire and move onto the next season of life. As a black woman who at various times has felt defeated, unworthy, unappreciated, and who had to fight to earn every stripe and decoration, I stood up and “Demanded My Destiny”!  Through demanding my destiny, my assignment was revealed.  Thus birthing, the "Unmasked Warrior Project, My #1 assignment being to help Military Sexual Trauma Victims become “Thrivers” & live the life that they deserve to have.

 And when I'm in between working with thrivers, I'm doing what I love the most…as a lover of technology (my passion), who thinks “Techy is Sexy”, I help small business owners learn how software automation & online resources implemented at the right time with the right systems can increase their business productivity and profits.

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