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Real Women Don't Bitch

Dec 27, 2017

One way to tell you are not firm with your prices is to offer them to someone who know a little bit to much about your financial blessings in business.

We can talk about money many different ways. Here is a different angle at your struggle when it comes to struggling with your worth.

You hook up doesn't mean their discount!

[3:26] Do you get afraid to charge your prices when someone knows you got the hook up, but you would charge more to anyone else

[4:11] Let's look at a mathematical example

[5:25] business is business when the shoe is on the other person's foot

[7:00] when you get deep wholesale discounts that doesn't mean you can't charge top dollar especially when you offer a specialty service

[8:14] you have to calculate ALL THE COST

[9:30] EVERYTHING you do has a time/cost value, make sure you are properly compensated

[11:11] Gary V loves working with women because we are cheap