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Real Women Don't Bitch

Nov 23, 2018

Dr. Kami Anderson is the founder and CEO of Bilingual Brown Babies and creator of a revolutionary online program that meets Black families where they are in their journey to bilingualism.  She’s a passionate life-long teacher and the go-to girl when it comes to language, Blackness, and identity. She built her business with her four bilingual children in her heart and on her mind. Using speaking as a way to share her expertise and teach families, this mompreneur launched and grew her business working only a handful of hours a week while still holding a full-time faculty position at a university. Kami helps Black families become confident in language taking away the struggle of doing it alone. She helps Black families gain powerful resources which allow them to grow in language more efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably.
Dr. Anderson is an interculturalist, scholar and language advocate.
Dr. Anderson has spent the past two decades immersed in languages and cultures.  From working overseas in relief and development, to teaching language in the classroom, to molding future intercultural scholars in the lecture hall, Dr. Anderson has always kept a tight grip on her passion and compassion for others and difference through language. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from Spelman College, a Master’s degree in International Affairs/Interdisciplinary Studies in International Communication and Anthropology from American University and a Ph.D. in Communication and Culture from Howard University.  
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