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Real Women Don't Bitch

Nov 30, 2018

I’m a Marriage Coach pioneering a fresh, 21st-century approach to marriage coaching, so you don’t feel bad about having a hard time applying generic relationship advice you could have just Googled to your UNIQUE marriage.  You hear them all the time: “Don’t Go to Bed Angry,” “Be Kind to Each Other,” and “Communication is Key,” right? 

Okay, sounds good, BUT how do you actually apply it in your home when you are with your spouse but still feel lonely, when you don’t want to start a fight so you avoid conflict like the plague, when you just want to be heard but your spouse won’t listen, when communicating with your spouse feels more like you’re talking to yourself?  How!?

Well, you and I, we’ll get to that “how.”  I help you get the "more" you desire from your marriage and guide you to how to communicate in ways you were never taught, ways that will increase and maintain true intimacy in your marriage and more peace in your home. 

I’ll help you see what’s possible in your marriage.  You got married to feel connected to someone else, to go through the highs and lows together, right? Not to feel like you’re doing it alone.  So for the woman who’s ready for REAL change, I’m here.  Let’s do this!
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