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Real Women Don't Bitch

Jun 19, 2020

Cesar "V!sual" Zamudio is a Chicago born Latino artist. The foundation to his career as a Hip Hop artist started in Chicago in the mid 90's, by becoming active in the local scene frequently involved in cyphers, open mics & winning notable underground battles. In 2002, he started his Indie label; Community Service Records when he began to release music independently 

He has been active in social and political change since his teenage years when he participated in protests and in school organizations that focused on diversity and equality. He now works with various organizations that focus on youth development, helping develop unique skills like developing their own personal mindset, the importance of collaboration and communication, and also social skills that teach consciousness and tolerance. The tangible skills that he teaches are creative writing, vocal recording, song production, Hip Hop history, event production and branding, and marketing. He also consults artists, producers, and record labels and management teams to help develop their brand and business by guiding them through processes and teaching them industry standards. Most recently he has begun to consult and coach entrepreneurs and everyday people looking for a better quality of life on various areas of personal development including accountability, mindfulness, weight loss, and fitness. 

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of Community Service Records which he has used as a platform to release his own music independently since 2002. in 2011, he founded #HelloHipHop which started as a monthly event showcasing Chicago talent and has now become a curator of Hip Hop culture and business in Chicago and is steadily growing nationally. In 2017 he created Money Mantra, a podcast focused on financial literacy and mental health where he interviews a diverse group of people ranging from business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and others to help listeners gain a unique perspective and valuable information. Today V!sual continues to grow and develop and spread his insight.

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