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Real Women Don't Bitch

Nov 27, 2017

The first segment about sales was in Episode 15. However, I am about to take you through a quick reference of all of the critical rules to follow for closing sales. 

Join me and let's get those conversion rates up. I am about to help you realize some small yet significant do's and do nots of sales. 

I value my listeners; my goal and passion are to ensure you leave every episode refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to move into action with the tips and expert strategies given. Hit play and “Let’s Have a Girlfriend Moment!”

[2:10] Recap over all the major points to touch in the sales process

[3:00] You need to affirm yourself instead of saying a mantra that was created by someone else such as, “I am a money magnet!”

[3:50] When your mantra connects with your spirit!

[4:30] Extract as much data as possible

[5:35] How the information will help you with posting on social media

[6:45]Make suggestions based on what people ask for

[8:30] Why it is sexy to rapid-fire answers

[9:15] The importance of Pre-screening

[10:45] The sad story is an attempt to get you to negotiate your price

[11:23] Check your energy when you close the sale

[12:45] Set the expectation you are going to follow up

[14:00} Don’t be too casual about the conversation, set the proper setting

[15:15] Stop letting people ask you random questions, take control, and you ask the questions

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