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Real Women Don't Bitch

Nov 30, 2017

We started with the internal evidence, but that isn’t where we end. We have just barely begun. In addition to all the strength you have within, there is a need for external validation.

We know we are supposed to go with our passion because we can’t escape the nagging within, but we also need to receive confirmations. Sometimes it is a direct word. Other times it is an experience. What has let you know you are meant to go on the journey?

These kinds of memories will encourage you when it gets rough. Knowing you are walking in your purpose is empowering. 

I value my listeners; my goal and passion are to ensure you leave every episode refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to move into action with the tips and expert strategies given. Hit play and “Let’s Have a Girlfriend Moment!”

[2:00] Today’s new challenge is addressing the honeymoon phase and staying in the game.

[2:55] Confirmation you should be walking in your purpose comes first and then you will have to deal with blocks that get in the way. You have to have the mindset to withstand.

[4:10] Recall the signs that showed up throughout your life and left a trail of evidence of what your purpose is. You have to focus on these things

[5:02] Example of the different kinds of signs that show up to confirm your decision.

[5:35] Advice from an Uber passenger

[6:20] You need to tap into the facts to help you in troublesome times!

[7:34] All of the events have a common denominator. Find it to declare why you are built for your dream!

[10:10] Please share your affirmation.

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