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Real Women Don't Bitch

Mar 29, 2019

Your lack of success just might be found in this podcast!

Did you overlook your blessing!

Did you judge a book by its cover?

Are your business practices all you say they are?

What won't you do for money?

Baby, we covered it all.

Listen in and then go register for the summit — no more B.S.

Mar 27, 2019

We can't evolve to the most excellent version of ourselves if we are ashamed. We must own it all: the good bad and ugly, of our journey.

No more of this showing up and looking like the prim and proper version of a business owner. I know many women who are one less sale way from bankruptcy.
Stewardship is part of...

Mar 25, 2019

I have seen it at six months, three years and beyond. A season may come when you may have to work a job while in the midst of building your business.

Rather than complain or whine about the mistakes or embarrassment, how about, we celebrate the fact you are still hanging in there.

Time to end the stigma that says if...

Mar 22, 2019

Most of us don't have the crucial conversation before we build our business. Things don't go as planned, and our finances end up in disarray. We are then forced to look at our circumstances in the eye and make decisions that should have been taken care of in the first place. 

Your hubby and kids should part of the...

Mar 22, 2019

Wanna be a fly on the wall?

Listen in as Latoya and I discuss the transitions that occur while building a business.

Proper preparation and inclusion provide the smoothest outcome.

Not sure how to broach this conversation? Sign up for the Business Mastery Summit